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Purslane...the delicious succulent that was forgotten as a weed

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Purslane is a Super food that provides many nutrients for our bodies

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Purslane can be grown during the AZ Summer!

Its currently July, the temperatures are reaching 114 degrees this weekend, and the transplanted purslane is changing...

Sage Garden Eco-Villas

A Micro Permaculture Started as an Inspiration to honor Arizona Flora

Permaculture is the idea that the plants and living entities live in harmony with one another.  Ecosystems are always managing resources according to the inhabitants; permaculture is the intention to have a self-healing, self-fulfilling landscape that provides with minimal input from humans and yet supports humanity with the food produced.  The goals are challenges...the tenets are guidelines...the desert is the milieu for this website's content.

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Purslane just became my new favorite plant.

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“I have always enjoyed getting my hands dirty; and I never grew anything so successfully in Arizona soil until now.  Purslane amazed me with its tenacity to grow under challenging conditions, so I decided to plant more and more.”

Charles Provine

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